About us

About us

The top steroid specialist store in the United States!

Our online store’s mission is to make high-end anabolic steroids affordable for everyone. We strive to break the mold by delivering excellent customer service while selling genuine, high-quality drugs online. The results speak for themselves, given how fast and steadily our popularity has increased since we first started in 2017. We now stand out from the crowd as a market leader!

Everything we do centers around providing a pleasant and secure buying experience for our customers. You can buy steroids in the United States from the comfort of your own home at SlitMedia.com, and you can be assured that your payment will be completed safely and securely and that you will be able to track your shipment as it travels to your door.

Why should you buy steroids in the United States from us?

Our money-back guarantee

We have a free replacement policy in place to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for.

This ensures that if your order is lost in transit, or if things are damaged or confiscated during customs inspections along the way, our personnel will promptly replace and reship your items at no cost to you, or offer you a full refund.

Simple and convenient payments

We’re one of the few online steroids companies that accept major credit cards, so you can buy with confidence knowing you’re protected. You can also order our products online in the United States using debit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin for complete anonymity (and other cryptocurrencies). For further information, see our Contact Us page for a list of acceptable payment methods.

Quick and dependable shipping

We’ve been successfully shipping orders across the United States and around the world for over four years. We deliver within 7 to 10 days to all major cities in the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and up to 15 days to more rural cities and states.

All orders are sent via USPS’s First Class registered mail, offering you peace of mind by allowing you to trace your package as it travels to your door, anywhere in the United States.

Great discounts and reasonable prices

Our products are transported directly from the manufacturer’s warehouses, allowing us to offer you the most competitive pricing online.

While we have a $120 minimum order size, shipping is free on orders bulk orders and we offer discounts of up to 10% for orders placed by returning customers.

Genuine and high-quality steroids

We only sell androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) that have been confirmed by trustworthy pharmaceutical companies.

Using the unique serial codes written on each product’s external packaging, all necessary certifications and legality can be easily verified on the original manufacturer’s website.

Orders that are both discreet and secure

Your online purchases are kept completely private at all times because confidentiality is a high priority for us, and we ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity when you place an order.

We pack your order such that no business or product namesSteroids, hormones, and PCT products from the best producers: are visible on the outside, ensuring complete discretion and the best possible results.

Steroids, hormones, and PCT products from the best producers:

We only sell anabolic steroids and hormones that come from factories we know and trust, such as:

Magnum PharmaceuticalsDragon PharmaMaxtremeAlpha Pharma

Body ResearchPfizer/El LillySingani Pharma

Sun PharmaPharmacom LabsHealing Pharma … and many more in our SlitMedia.com catalog.

Our extensive steroid and supplement catalog

We choose only the best steroids, hormones, and PCT products based on feedback from our frequent clients throughout time and laboratory tests from the world’s best steroid manufacturers. We can confidently state that active ingredients from any of our catalog’s producers are incredibly effective!

With our anabolic injectable steroids for sale online in the United States, you may improve your gym performance and achieve the body of your dreams. If needles aren’t your thing, our anabolic oral steroids and topical testosterone gels will help you get started on increasing muscle gain and strength.

It is necessary to conduct post-cycle therapy (PCT) after completing a course of steroids. Our anti-estrogens will assist you in regaining and maintaining a healthy amount of testosterone.

With our human growth hormones (HGH) and peptides, you can speed up the healing process and repair healthy tissue.

For effective fat-burning, our weight loss pills are suitable for “muscle drying” during cutting cycles.

We also provide several treatments to help you recover from the potential negative consequences of anabolic steroid use. Our ED pills and other sexual health treatments help to maintain sexual vigor, prevent premature ejaculation, and increase libido.

Hair loss solutions are available for typical baldness and hair loss concerns, and skin treatments are also available to acquire online to prevent skin-related adverse effects.

Our Reputation:

SlitMedia.com has built a reputation as a reliable, discreet, and time-tested company with years of experience, a stellar reputation, and thousands of happy customers.

SlitMedia.com was established in 2017 as a trusted provider of sports, fitness, and bodybuilding supplements in the United States.

Our track record of providing a trustworthy and happy purchase experience to clients both inside and outside the United States speaks for itself, as seen by the consistently positive feedback we receive from our regular customers on our products and services.

We specialize in supplying a wide choice of original, high-quality steroids, hormones, peptides, fat burners, and treatments to treat skin, hair, and erectile dysfunction problems from some of the world’s best pharmaceutical steroid suppliers, with over 270 products in our catalog.

Our Knowledgeable Customer Care Team:

When taking anabolic steroids, you might get adverse effects just like with any other medicine. We hire employees who are all professional bodybuilders and athletes who are well-versed in the area of doping in sports.

They keep up with all of the latest research in the field and will gladly advise you on the best treatment for you based on your medical history and current health state, ensuring your safety and health.

Today is the best time to buy steroids online in the USA!

It’s safe to state that placing an order with us is a safe bet, as we’ve been offering safe and effective anabolic steroids and bodybuilding goods to bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness fanatics all across the United States for a long time.

Please contact our customer support team via our Contact Us page if you have any additional questions about our company or if you have any queries or concerns about using our site. Your privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded at all times.

Safe and risk-free steroids for sale in the USA!

In today’s market, sports fans and professionals have a lot of choices, but finding a truly trustworthy supplier is challenging. Scammers are tempting athletes with low costs, extensive promotions, and deals, preying on human gullibility and their need to save in the face of an uncertain economic climate.

Scammers claim to sell anabolic and androgenic steroids in the United States for ridiculously low prices, which is impossible to believe when all costs are taken into account. They may work for a short time, but their effectiveness will be variable and unreliable.

Similar stories about athletes whose health has been harmed as a result of buying from shady retailers can be found online. As a result, choosing a trustworthy online retailer like SlitMedia.com is critical!

Relaxation and muscle growth, as well as strengthening and even recuperating from joint and ligament injuries and boosting cellular metabolism, can all be assisted by sports pharmaceutical supplements.

Physiologists have shown that systematic and long-term pressures on the body with pharmacological assistance can increase muscle mass without affecting the body’s overall physiology, build a beautiful muscular structure, and raise strength threshold and endurance in long-term research.

Physical training, correct nutrition, and the use of sports pharmacology all require time to master. If pharmaceuticals are essential, they must be chosen with considerable caution to avoid counterfeiters and producers of poor quality.